About me

Hey, I'm William 👋

I'm a freelance Frontend & UI Engineer from the South-West of France, currently based in Porto.

Welcome to my small space of the internet, where I showcase my work, learnings and anything else I want to show to the world.

Before building websites I worked in various roles in the frame of my Mechanical Engineering Degree: Construction Site Manager, Logistics Consultant and Mechanical Testing Engineer.

Eventually I tought myself how to code and deep-dived in Frontend development to follow my passion. Having worked for 2 years as a first Frontend Engineer then Lead Frontend in a SaaS Fintech, I developed great affinity towards UI Engineering, UI design, UX and Design Systems. I am driven by being the Product-Minded Engineer on the team.

Deeply passionate about clean user interfaces and painting on the internet, I find inspiration and resources in a broad range of fields and art. I'm trying to be more mindful of my time, to deliver quality work while remaining productive.

If you wish to connect, you can reach me through one of the contact links.

This website

This site has no ads, tracking, analytics, sponsors or affiliation, and will never have. I want to contribute to making the web a better place as I believe in a genuine, inclusive, fun and open internet.

It's a static website built with Astro, vanilla CSS and is hosted on Vercel.

Building it without a specific Frontend framework or a fancy CSS library was a bowl of fresh air in these times where shipping massive bundles of JavaScript to the browser is often the default.

For styling, I followed Andy Bell's methodology called CubeCSS — which is a way to organise stylesheets in a scalable and maintainable manner — along with some wisdom from his talk Be the browser's mentor, not his micromanager.

Some styles are based on Andy's and Heydon's Every Layout, which is a great ressource deep-diving into common layout patterns and their implementation with modern CSS (with progressive enhancement in mind).

See source code. Notice a bug, or wish to improve this website? Feel free to submit a Pull Request!